The future in retail is smart and digital

Create lasting shopping experiences and attract new customers

Understanding buying behavior and customer segments
Identify and address customers
Personalize your approach with real-time data
modular product range

The perfect solution for individual needs

Access a wide range of solutions with a simple connection and select the appropriate modules individually

Reach every customer without registration

Scan the QR code and choose a storage option: 
Email delivery, wallet storage or PDF download

Link receipt with customer card or bank card

Scan a customer card or pay with a card and automatically receive the receipt - no further scan required

New marketing channel

Reach and retain known and new customers via the digital document

Personalized advertising space on the receipt
Play out, even via external marketing tools
Present your newsletter subscription
Social media channels & wallet storage

Promote customer loyalty programs and increase app usage

Integrate document service for seamless user journeys into existing apps, online shops and customer loyalty programs

Scan a customer card and earn loyalty points
collect and receive receipts
Send a push notification every time you receive a document
and increase customer activity
Before, during and after shopping customers

More than just saving paper


Enrichment of customer data using transaction data

Content creation

Design, plan and automatically display campaigns on documents

Loyalty & Couponing

Personalized offers, coupons, and loyalty programs in real time

Marketing automation

Connect newsletters, push notification services and messenger marketing

Whitelabel app

Create your own app and activate the document module


Play out personalized recommendations based on purchase

Analyze and use data and visibly increase sales

Real-time data on customer segments, buying behavior, and marketing

Analyze customer segments and for
Use marketing optimization
Understanding shopping carts and using them to upsell
Track marketing campaigns and success

Reduce support costs
and long-term evidence
Make available

Simplify processes and provide evidence for
Customers and employees about archive
Make retrievable

No more digital document reprinting
Document finder for customers
Long-term document storage in document archive
in accordance with legal requirements
Exporting documents and transferring them to your own archive
Customer success stories

Satisfied customers recommend anybill's services

Florian Schubert
Team building - Team energy

“With anybill, our solution goes beyond digital receipts and offers our customers added value and service. We're looking forward to future features.”

Sigrun Löffelholz

“The digital receipt is an ideal addition to customer loyalty programs and an important impetus for sustainability. anybill is flexible and can respond to high requirements.”

Lucas Dobslaw

“anybill's products are customer-friendly and environmentally friendly. With the newsletter connection and premium advertising space, anybill offers new marketing opportunities.”


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Frequently asked questions about digital receipts

Can consumers receive digital receipts directly via their customer card?

This route is very easy! As usual, the customer shows the customer card at the checkout and automatically receives the receipt. Loyalty points are collected and discounts deducted as usual. The receipt then either ends up in the retailer app, the online shop account, in the wallet or is automatically sent by email. With a push notification, the customer is made aware of the receipt and the points collected.

What additional functions does the digital receipt service offer?

In addition to the elimination of forced receipt printouts and a contemporary customer experience, digital receipts also offer the opportunity to establish a digital point of contact with your customers. In this way, customers can be referred to and linked to other digital channels, such as an online shop, or they can be encouraged directly to subscribe to the newsletter or install your app. As a result, you can stay in touch with your customers better and achieve better customer loyalty.

How does the digital receipt change the checkout process?

Instead of printing out all receipts as standard, displaying the QR codes replaces this process. Customers can now receive the receipt digitally via QR code scan, or they can refrain from taking the receipt with them. In both cases, paper is no longer printed. If the customer would prefer a classic paper receipt, it can also be printed on request. Card payment receipts are also generated digitally, and all usual exchange or return processes can also be carried out with the digital receipts.

Can I access the receipts issued, especially when paying by card?

As a merchant, you can access the receipts for card payments at any time via our document archive. These are stored for 10 years in accordance with the law and can be viewed at any time. With filter and search options, finding documents is even easier. The customer can also access the receipts received at any time. It is also possible to find your own receipt afterwards via our document finder website, so that reprinting and support costs are avoided.

What to do if the customer has forgotten to receive the digital receipt?

The customer can easily access our document finder website from home and find their own receipt with just a few details, avoiding reprinting and support costs. In addition, a receipt (digital) can still be reprinted.

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