The sustainable and legally compliant alternative Thermal paper is the new standard at the point of sale

Valuable customer touchpoints
with digital receipts

Activate customers
+ 33%
click rate on display ads
Retain customers
+ 60%
increased interaction in retailer apps
Simple, flexible & scalable
recommendations from satisfied customers
Our merchants
Advantages of digital receipts

More than just saving paper

Use customer data

Understand, win and retain customers.

Improve customer service

Digitize and simplify customer experience in the branch and beyond

Activate customers

Activate customers directly at the point of sale and retain them with loyalty programs

Optimize costs

Reduce paper costs, improve processes, save time and resources

Promoting sustainability

Optimize your environmental footprint and avoid unnecessary paper waste

Act in compliance with the law

The obligation to issue receipts is considered fulfilled with every digitally issued receipt

Get started straight away

Simply start and activate the digital receipt for your cash registers.

Can be activated immediately at any partner cash register
Digital receipts in real time at the cash register
No additional hardware

Connect your physical retail with your online channels

Identify customers in-store and increase customer engagement after the purchase

Build a strong customer base and encourage interaction
Target marketing campaigns and understand audiences
Track buying behavior and achieve sales success

Try it out

Scan the QR code here and get a sample receipt:


What merchants say about anybill

Reinhard Bohn

“The digital document generates a new customer touchpoint and was able to optimize and accelerate our sales process.”

Manuela Raidl-Zeller

“With the digital receipt from anybill, we are creating digital touchpoints with our customers — our young fans in particular are very curious and enthusiastic about the change.”

Peter Schneider
Bergler Mineralöl GmbH

“With the introduction of anybill's digital receipt, we are a pioneer in the petroleum sector. This allows us to present ourselves as an innovative company.”


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Frequently asked questions about digital receipts

How do I activate the digital receipt in my cash register?

With the “Start now” button, you can sign up for the anybill service without obligation. The final activation depends on the cash register system. Either the function is available in your cash register immediately after you have completed the anybill service registration or, alternatively, the final activation takes place with one click by your cash register software provider.

Do I need additional hardware to use anybill?

As a rule, no additional hardware is required. So that your customers can receive digital receipts via QR code scan, a customer display is the best choice. Alternatively, the display on the card payment terminal can also be used.

What additional functions does the digital receipt service offer?

In addition to the elimination of forced receipt printouts and a contemporary customer experience, digital receipts also offer the opportunity to establish a digital point of contact with your customers. In this way, customers can be referred to and linked to other digital channels, such as an online shop, or they can be encouraged directly to subscribe to the newsletter or install your app. As a result, you can stay in touch with your customers better and achieve better customer loyalty.

How does my customer receive the digital receipt?

By default, the receipt is displayed in the form of a QR code on a customer display or terminal display. The customer scans this code with their smartphone and then has the choice to either save the receipt directly on the smartphone, store it in the Google or Apple wallet or receive it by email. If there is a retailer app, the receipt can also be stored there — manually or automatically. Receiving documents by means of payment is completely new. After a one-time activation by the customer, the receipt is sent directly with the payment via bank or credit card.

How does the digital receipt change the checkout process?

Instead of printing out all receipts as standard, displaying the QR codes replaces this process. Customers can now receive the receipt digitally via smartphone scan, or they can refrain from taking the receipt with them. In both cases, paper is no longer printed. If the customer would prefer a classic paper receipt, it can also be printed on request. By the way, card payment receipts are also generated digitally, and all usual exchange or return processes can also be carried out with the digital documents.

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