A digital receipt for every payment

anybill provides the digital ecosystem for issuing, receiving and processing digital receipts.
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Digital receipts

The flexible and environmentally friendly alternative to paper receipts.
Whether with or without an app - together we put an end to the paper chaos.
Illustration of a digital receipt example
Illustration of a digital receipt example in PDF format along with the website where you can download it, displayed on a mobile screen
Without app - directly at the cash register
After the payment, scan the issued QR code with the smartphone camera.
Save your receipt as PDF - without app or email address.
Illustration of anybill partner app
With partner app or receipt app
Save digital receipts to anybill's partner apps - such as banking apps, loyalty card apps or another app - or use the receipt app to manage digital receipts.
Illustration of anybill merchant app
With merchant app or loyality card
Receive digital receipts in merchant apps or in combination with loyalty cards and store all online and offline purchases in one overview.
illustration of anybill mobile wallet view
With Mobile Wallet
Whether banking cards or customer cards - mobile wallets are the digital wallets of tomorrow. And digital receipts are a must.
Save your personal QR code in the mobile wallet and have it scanned at the checkout to receive digital receipts.

Where can I get digital receipts?

8.3 million kilometres of thermal paper
are printed in Germany every year, which corresponds to 207 circumnavigations of the earth.
Approx. 65,000 trees
are needed annually in Germany for the production of receipt paper.
Approx. 35 million tonnes of CO²
are needed annually in Germany for thermal paper production, which corresponds to 288 million plastic bags.
> 36,000 tonnes of waste
are generated annually in Germany by receipt paper, which is equivalent to 3.6 times the weight of the Eiffel Tower.

Our network

anybill's technology is the link between point of sale and consumer, enabling an unique interaction of participants in the platform ecosystem.
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